Broad range of bearing material with good antifriction properties for various application are used in the manufacture of Plain Sleeve Bearings, Bushings and Thrust Washers. The components are normally produced from steel-backed and solid bronze strip stock. It is important to consider the operating conditions and characteristics of the available alloys. The factors to be considered in selecting a bearing material are resistance to fatigue, foreign particles, misalignment, imperfect lubrication and operating temperatures.

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Nickel Bronze (Lead Free) Copper Lead
Leaded Bronze Phosphor Bronze (Solid)
Leaded Bronze (Graphite Indented) Leaded Bronze (Ball Indented)
Lead Bronze (Diamond Indented) Tin Base Babbitt
Silicon Al-Sn Lead Base Babbitt
R-36 (SAE 792) R-18 (SAE 12)
R-45 (SAE 794) R-27 (SAE 13)
R-49 (SAE 49)